WYSE Volunteer & Travel organises a range of seminars, addressing relevant problems, discussing challenges and offering valuable suggestions.

All seminars are based on the expertise of our members, designed to be an interactive platform for exchange of knowledge and look at both the sending as well as receiving perspective.


Past seminars and educational sessions include:
  • Volunteering with a Service Learning / Academic Credit Emphasis
  • Volunteer Programmes: Associations and Best Practice Codes Workshop
WETM-IAC 2014, London UK

daniela-headshotTitle: Flipping Service Learning to Learning Service
Speaker: Daniela Papi, Founder, Learning Service
This session focussed on case studies, tips, and workshop activities to help participants consider ways we can improve the learning and positive impact of international volunteer programs.

One of her goals through promoting the concept of “Learning Service” is to help operators examine their pre-departure material, in-country development education tools, program selection and matching
process, as well as post-trip follow-up and consider if or how more learning and attitude shaping might be possible

WYSTC 2013, Sydney

Personal safety: Protecting young people travelling away from home – Key considerations for participants, staff and organisations
Bettina Wiedmann, Executive Director, Experiment e.V.
Chris Gould, Chairman, Child-Safe International Ltd (registered charity)

Good Deeds and Good Business – A Dialogue About Volunteering Programs (WETM 2012)
Volunteers: Feeling Good, Doing Good – Or Both? How To Deliver A Volunteer Experience That Works for Everyone (WYSTC 2011)
Volunteering For All – How To Broaden The Appeal of Volunteer Programs Across New Markets (WYSTC 2011)

Volunteering – Why and How: Important Basics & Common Challenges (WETM 2011)

Volunteering: Getting Serious about Safety (WYSTC 2010)
The Dos and Don’ts of Good Volunteer Programmes (WYSTC 2010)
Volunteer Market: Best Practives for Tomorrow’s Market (WYSTC 2009)
Volunteering and Voluntourism: Big Business or Huge Hearts? (WYSTC 2008)