“Expand Your Horizons” 2013 Video Contest.

Have a look below to see below all the entries received for the 2013 edition!

Entries 2013

Naaja B. Manganar, representing First Place

Xiaocong Chen, representing Speedwing Training (Asia)

Neil Bryan Bandiez Villanueva, representing First Place & CIEE

Xinyi Chen, representing CCI Greenheart

Mark William Caronan, representing First Place & CIEE

Cameron Bach, representing IEP

Katrina Alyanna Sayo, representing First Place & CIEE

Grace Jeane Gagno, representing First Place & CIEE

Ciara Mendoza, representing First Place & CIEE

Jennilyn Reyes, representing First Place & CIEE

Jireh Cuarto, representing First Place & Janus International

Mae Clarizze Teves, representing First Place & CIEE

Jeremy McLean, representing IEP New Zealand (BUNAC)

Jules Alonzo, representing International Student Volunteers

Jan Dobrovolny, representing CCI Greenheart

Angela Reti, representing IEP New Zealand (BUNAC)

Kathleen Salas, representing International Student Volunteers

Anthony Leeson Hirst, representing Chilli Adventures

Celliers Verster, representing Chilli Adventures

Marloes Struijk, representing Volunteering Solutions

Pavel Jan, representing CCI

Zhao Su, representing CCI

Naaja B. Manganar, representing First Place Inc.

Toh Chin Foong, representing Speedwing Training (Asia)

Kimberly Ann L. Chew, representing First Place/CIEE

Chad Y. Torcino, representing First Place/CIEE

Karen Mae D. Macalalad, representing First place

Milan Petrovic, representing CCI

Chenyu Sun, representing Speedwing Training (Asia)

Jos Dado C. Bascos, representing First Place Inc. / Cultural Homestay International

Karen Mae D. Macalalad, representing First place

Mharcelle Jessyka M. Sevilla, representing First Place/CIEE

Tracy Ng Kai Ting, representing Speedwing / CIEE

Orville Tomlinson, representing CCI

Teresita de Guzman, representing First Place

Alessio Botha, representing Chilli Adventures, South Africa

Junica Ane M. Mercado, representing First Place Inc/ CCI

Barbara J Paulino Henriquez, representing CCI Greenheart

Maria Roselia Arias Hernandez, representing CCI Greenheart

Jacqueline Rosewarne, representing IEP

Michael M. Sanmocte, representing FIRST PLACE/CIEE

Lai Peng , representing Alliance Abroad Group

Xin Gao, representing CCI Greenheart

Peet Crowther, representing Chilli Adventures

Jessica George, representing COINED

Claudene V. Binuya, representing Firstplace/Janus

Luke Urquhart, representing Interexchange / IEP

He Xu (Alan), representing CIEE / Speedwing Singapore

Sushania Pryce,representing CCI

Vincent P. Pano, representing First Place Inc./ Janus International