Given the importance of Russia for the international work abroad community, WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad together with the WYSE Travel Confederation, brought together all Russian members to launch a regional chapter, focussing on work abroad issues.

WYSE-logo-russian-chapterIn June 2011, at the inaugural meeting in Moscow, a leadership team from among WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad Russian member agencies was created, forming the WYSE Russia Chapter.
“Working with partners and government to raise standards and safeguard young people working abroad” is the chapters mission.

The focus of this group is to

  • give a unified voice to our Russia members
  • work closely with important stakeholders and government institutions
  • discuss and share common problems
  • establish strict code of conduct

The members of WYSE Russia are all members of WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad, and with that abide by the association’s constitution and code of conduct.

For more information on the WYSE Russia Chapter and its activities, please email us at

Are you interested in setting up a chapter in your region to bring together your industry colleagues, discuss common challenges and create mutual guidelines for professional business practices?Then contact us and the board of WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad will be happy to assist you in getting your WYSE chapter started!