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WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad membership is open to agencies, organisations, associations, and authorities actively engaged in the work abroad and volunteer industry.

WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad requires that all applicants must be recommended for membership by one existing Full Member of WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad.
WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad has four membership categories:
Full Membership
Full membership is open to organisations involved in sending and/or receiving work experience participants. Any Full member of WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad must also be a Full member of the WYSE Travel Confederation.
Each Full member has one vote.
Associate Membership
Associate membership is open to organisations who offer services to work experience organisations or work experience participants.
Associate members have no vote, nor can they be elected to the Executive Board.
Affiliate Membership
Affliate membership is open to small organisations that are developing their work experience programmes. Affliate membership status is subject to periodic review. After two years, an organisation can be required to upgrade to Full or Associate membership.
Affiliate members have no vote, nor can they be elected to the Executive Board.
Official Organisation Membership
Official Organisation membership is open to official organisations such as governmental bodies, national tourist boards, trade associations, and international non-trading bodies who are interested in work experience programmes.
Official organisation members have no vote, nor can they be elected to the Executive Board.

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Annual Membership Fees for WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad are listed below (as of 1 January 2011):

Membership Category # of Participants (Sending/Receiving) WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad Fee
Full Member 1* 1 – 500 € 400
Full Member 2* 501 – 2000 € 750
Full Member 3* 2001 – 6000 € 1,200
Full Member 4* over 6000 € 1,700
Affiliate Member  — € 250
Associate Member  — € 540
Official Tourism Organisation  — € 200

* WYSE Travel Confederation Membership is required for this category, please find below an overview of the WYSE Travel Confederation membership fees

Membership Categories and Fees (as of January 1, 2013)
Category Type of Organisation Annual Fee
Full Member, Category 1 For organisations with the lowest relative levels of activity i.e. brand new organisations or those with one or two employees € 450
Full Member, Category 2 Applies to almost all organisations, except those with extremely low or high levels of activity in the industry € 1250
Full Member, Category 3 Reserved for organisations and trading groups with extremely high levels of international activity € 6500
OTO, NTA, NTO, NGO Members For Official Tourism Organisations, National Tourist Administrations, National Tourism Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations € 750
Service Partners For commercial organisations that are not specialists in youth travel but provide ancillary products or services to the industry € 1800
If you have a question about the membership categories or criteria for membership, contact the WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad membership department