Exchange Visitor Program – Summer Work & Travel

J-1VisaLooking for more information on why the proposed immigration reform in its current state would mean the end of the Summer Work & Travel (SWT) programmes and why WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad along with many industry voices is concerned and calls for action?

We have compiled information on the programme’s economic and cultural impact, a number of industry and media voices supporting the programme, and an overview of how you can take action.

Economic and Cultural Impact
(based on WYSE Travel Confederation’s New Horizon III Survey)
 Work experience destinations The United States of America are by far the most popular destination with over 42% of respondents who had travelled for work experience having done so in the USA.
Funding work experience programmes The research demonstrates that work experience travellers bring in more money than they earn in a country. In fact, three quarters of the funds young people use when travelling come from a combination of income earned before departure, their own savings or contributions from their own family, with only 12% of funds coming from money earned while travelling.
Spending work experience programmes The average spending is greater than travellers generally. The bulk of travellers’ spending goes directly to local businesses and municipalities, with funds are spent in the host community and  through an extended period of travel, predominantly on accommodation, food & drink, activities and entertainment (with programme fees only representing 18% of total spend).
work experience programme motivation The desire to ‘increase my knowledge’, ‘explore other cultures’, ‘experience life in another country’, ‘interact with local people’ and ‘build friendships’ were the top five factors chosen. Such motivations were even more common for work experience participants than for travellers generally.
Industry Voices
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If you are from an organisation outside the United States that sends programme participants to the USA:

The most powerful international voice on this issue is your country’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ask your country’s Ambassador to contact the Department of State and ask them to urgently act to preserve these important programmes. You may also wish to contact Secretary of State John Kerry, listed below.

If you are based in the United States:

Letters should be written to the following people, urging them to remove the language in the bill related to Exchange Visitors and preserve the future of the Exchange Visitor Programme:

  • Secretary of State John Kerry, web form, main switchboard +1 202-647-4000
  • Senator Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, web form, DC office (202) 224-4242, VT 1-800-642-3193
  • Senator Robert Menendez, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, web form, DC office 202.224.4744, NJ 856.757.5353
  • Senator Bob Corker, web form. DC office: 202-224-3344. TN office: 423-756-2757
  • Senator Ben Cardin, web form. DC office: (202) 224-4524. MD office: Tel: (410) 962-4436
  • Representative Ed Royce, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs (responds only to residents of District 39)