200x200-join-us1-150x150Looking for an event that is

  • focussed
  • cost-effective
  • intimate
  • global

and allows you to build connections with industry peers quickly?
Then the Work Experience Travel Market (WETM) and IAPA Annual Conference (IAC) is your event!

“We have been attending WETM-IAC for many years as we find it extremely valuable to meet our existing partners, as well finding a couple new opportunities every year. It’s also a great conference since it’s smaller, about 250 participants from around the world in attractive European cities. Can’t afford missing that one!” (Philippe Kohn, VP International Sales & Marketing Intrax)

This annual event is exclusively B2B and combines high quality business appointments, valuable educational components and excellent networking opportunities in a small and familiar environment, making it a great platform to strengthen existing and establish new business connections.

A joint event of IAPA and WYSE Work & Volunteer Abroad, WETM-IAC brings together organisations operating in or providing services for the

  • cultural exchange,
  • internship,
  • au pairing,
  • work & volunteer abroad
  • gap year sectors.


Featuring seminars, community action programmes, award ceremonies and more, WETM-IAC enables delegates to help shape their business and the industry for tomorrow. At the event, delegates can take part in best practice discussions and case study reviews, in addition to meeting with national and global trade associations representing the various sectors in your community.

WETM-IAC has been held at

2013 Rome, Italy
2012 Budapest, Hungary
2011 Brussels, Belgium
2010 Miami, United States of America
2009 Vienna, Austria
2008 The Hague, The Netherlands
2007 Riga, Latvia
2006 Barcelona, Spain
2005 Prague, Czech Republic
2004 Cannes, France
2003 Dublin, Ireland
2002 Warsaw, Poland
2001 Rome, Italy
2000 Nice, France
1999 Madrid, Spain
1998 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1997 Paris, France

For more information on the event, please feel free to email us.